Bread Winners: Star of Dallas

BreadWinners_UptownOne of my favorite things to do while traveling, or when at home, is heading out for a solid breakfast (or brunch) to start the day, and recently, while visiting the great state of Texas, I checked out what some call “the best breakfast” in Dallas, at Bread Winners. I’d first heard of Bread Winners about two years ago, after reading a blog post by Dallas Foodie, on how creative, unique, delicious, and fresh Bread Winners food was, so instantly it made the list.

BreadWinners_CafeBreadWinners_Cakes&PiesWalking through the front door of Bread Winners historical home at their Uptown location, I was immediately impressed by the display of colorful sweetness radiating from their bakery counter, showcasing a stunning display of beautiful homemade cakes, pies, rolls, muffins, and cookies. I was particularly fond of their Caramel Pecan Sticky Roll…particularly found. It’s not often that enjoy dessert before breakfast, but these looked too good to pass up.

BreadWinners_cookiesAfter minutes of standing in awe in front of the bakery counter and eventually ordering a cappuccino, I sat outside on their beautiful evergreen-lined front patio and dove into the menu. Everything looked great as I eyed traditional breakfast staples, flavorful southwestern favorites and unique takes on both. I decided to go with their Farmhouse Scramble, three eggs combined with potatoes, jalapeƱo bacon, red onion, cheddar cheese, and couldn’t have been more satisfied with it.

BreadWinners_FarmHouse ScrambleIn my first bite, you could taste the freshness of every ingredient; it was delicious and extremely well balanced. No one ingredient was overpowering, which made for an excellent dish, full of flavor and perfectly seasoned. The brunch potatoes and croissant that accompanied the scramble were just tasty, the potatoes tender, but not mushy nor overcooked, and the viennoiserie bread buttery, flaky, and awesome, just what you’d expect from a bakery that knows what it’s doing.

To top it all of off, just as I was wrapping up my first visit to Bread Winners, Dallas Cowboys’ NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman sits down at the table next to mine. For a moment I couldn’t believe it, but then I quickly remembered what I’d just experienced, the best breakfast in Dallas.

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2 thoughts on “Bread Winners: Star of Dallas

  1. Hi. My friend just told me about your blog and also “Cooking With Mr. C.” on Facebook, also a blog. I just “Liked” his page and came to your site. It’s terrific. I love people share blogs with each other. Denise

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